Different countries in Black and White photographs | Candid Street Photography

In this section of Black and White photographs, I want to show life in China, Cyprus, Turkey and its people. In Black and White photographs conveys my feelings at that moment and leaves room for imagination. Sometimes and more often, Black and White photography conveys more than color photography. Black and white photography looks like more “real” in my understanding. 


在这部分黑白照片中,我想展示中国及其人民的生活。 黑白照片中的中国传达了我当时的感受,留下了想象的空间。 有时,更多时候,黑白摄影比彩色摄影传达的更多。 在我的理解中,黑白摄影看起来更“真实”。

China Street Photography in Black and White | Pictures of China city | China in Black & White photographs | YuKo Street Photography 2020 — 2022