Istanbul Street Photography 🇹🇷  | Turkey 2022 — 2024

My travels to different cities in Turkey. Street photography, life and everyday life of ordinary people, their customs and traditions. During my stay in Turkey. I want to show you cities, villages, ordinary people without beauty. Urban photographs and their inhabitants and way of life. I took all my photographs with a FUJIFILM X PRO 3. I hope I have a chance to show you another Turkey with its stately buildings, skyscrapers and simple streets.


我在土耳其的不同城市旅行。 街头摄影,普通人的生活和日常生活,他们的习俗和传统。 在我逗留土耳其期间。 我想向你展示城市、村庄、没有美感的普通人。 城市照片及其居民和生活方式。 我用 FUJIFILM X PRO 3 拍摄了所有照片。我希望我有机会向您展示另一个土耳其,那里有宏伟的建筑、摩天大楼和简单的街道。

YuKoPhotography | Street Photography Istanbul | Turkey | 2022