Discovering the Beauty of Everyday Life in Chinese Cities: A Collection of Color and Black & White Photographs

Chinese cities captured through color and black & white photography. Join me on my travels to different cities in China as I showcase the street life, daily routines, customs and traditions of ordinary people. With over 30 cities visited during my stay in China, I aim to portray urban landscapes, their inhabitants and their way of life in all its simplicity and beauty. All my photographs were taken using a FUJIFILM X-PRO 3. Discover another side of China with its grand structures, towering skyscrapers and quaint streets in China Town.


中国城市:彩色和黑白摄影中的捕捉。与我一起走遍中国的不同城市,展示普通人的街头生活、日常习惯、风俗和传统。在中国逗留期间,我去过30多个城市,旨在描绘城市景观、居民及其简单而美丽的生活方式。我所有的照片都是使用FUJIFILM X-PRO 3拍摄的。在中国城镇,探索另一种中国,其宏伟的建筑、高耸入云的摩天大楼和古朴的街道。

YuKoPhotography | Street Photography | China | 2021