Dongguan | Street photography in Dongguan | 东莞

  Inspiring Dongguan (东莞市) Street Photography by YuKo  

Dongguan (东莞市), an industrial city in China’s Pearl River Delta, encompasses a densely populated urban center and surrounding prefecture. Green spaces include the central Qifeng Park, Keyuan Garden featuring local architecture, and the mountainous Yinxian Resort with a Buddhist temple and statues. In the port town of Humen, with its striking suspension bridge, the Opium War Museum explores the 19th-century Opium Wars.  

东莞是中国珠江三角洲的工业城市,包括人口稠密的市中心和周边地区。 绿地包括中央奇峰公园、以当地建筑为特色的科苑花园,以及拥有佛寺和雕像的多山阴县度假村。 在港口城市虎门,鸦片战争博物馆以其引人注目的悬索桥探索 19 世纪的鸦片战争。