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  Inspiring Shantou (汕头市) Street Photography by YuKo   

Shantou (汕头市) is a city significant in 19th-century Chinese history as one of the treaty ports established for Western trade and contact.

It was one of the original special economic zones of China established in the 1980s, but did not blossom in the manner that cities such as Shenzhen, Xiamen and Zhuhai did. Shantou was a fishing village part of Tuojiang Du (鮀江都), Jieyang County during the Song dynasty. It came to be known as Xialing (廈嶺) during the Yuan dynasty. In 1563, Shantou became a part of Chenghai County in Chao Prefecture (Chaozhou). As early as 1574, Shantou had been called Shashanping (沙汕坪).

In the seventeenth century, a cannon platform called Shashantou Cannon (沙汕頭炮臺) was made here, and the place name later was shortened to “Shantou”.

Locally, it has been referred to as Kialat.启发汕头街头摄影 by YuKoPhotography

汕头市是 19 世纪中国历史上重要的城市,是为西方贸易和联系而设立的通商口岸之一,是中国最初于 1980 年代建立的经济特区之一,但并没有像现在这样蓬勃发展 深圳、厦门、珠海等城市  

  Inspiring Shantou (汕头市) Street Photography by YuKo 2021. China.